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Paul Sherwen, 56 today.

An ex bike racer, gold mine owner and now one half of the legendary commentating duo with Phil Liggett.

Responsible for some of the finest gems to come out of any commentary box…..

“He’s really having to dig deeply into the suitcase of courage” 2000 Tour, commenting on Pantani (who was trying to keep the wheel of Armstrong on the Ventoux)

“As you know, Phil, it is difficult for one Dutchman to outfox another Dutchman”

“These riders are glass-cranking it here”

“He probably got a whiff of the alcohol on that man’s breath and needed some fresh air.” ’97 Tour / Alpe D’Huez / Pantani breaks away dramatically from Ullrich, and as he speeds up the climb, some guy dressed up as a rooster runs up along side him and gets so close that Pantani gives him an elbow.

He’s reeling them in like a fisherman with a trout on the line”

“Bridge to engine room-more power. There is no more”

Pure gold!!!!

Happy Birthday!