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David Moncoutié, 37 today.

Known as a humble person, many have compared his mentality to that of a recreational cyclist who enjoys riding his bike. In the past he has been criticised for lacking aggressiveness and for haplessness. For a while he was not able to put on a rain cape without having to put his feet on the ground. He is known as a clean cyclist who relies on homeopathy. François Migraine of Cofidis said: “Everyone is more or less unanimous that David doesn’t dabble (in drugs). I would have 10 of him in the team if I could. He wins three races a year and he still manages to finish in the UCI’s top 50. It goes to show that you don’t have to dabble in drugs to have a career in cycling.”

His team-mates have joked that while they are eager to try the latest and lightest equipment, David would be happy riding on wooden wheels. Moncoutié said: “Equipment, even the latest technology, that’s not my thing. What I like is to be on my bike and to ride. That’s when I’m happy”.

His directeur sportif, Eric Boyer, said: “David is a loner. He’s happy in a group but he doesn’t need it to live. When I came to the team, I said to myself, as other people must have, that I was going to try to change him, to chivvy him up so that he got more involved, that he raised his ambitions. Today, I realise that even if I find one or two keys to open the door, I won’t get very far. It doesn’t interest him. He just wants to be left in peace”.

Definitely my kind of rider!