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Like stepping back in time, if there were ever such a thing as a dream apprenticeship shop, I would definitely put my name down for a chance to work with these guys!

“This is the story of one of the perfect examples of Italian craftmanship related to the world of bicycles. Giovanni Cermenati was just a little kid when he started to learn how to make wooden rims. In 1945 he joined the company “D’Alessandro Milano” and he learned quickly how to do his job, making the finest wooden rims available on the market. But Mr. Giovanni was what we can call a dreamer, and already in 1953, he moved up to the mountain of the most famous cyclist sanctuary of Italy, and not only that, he opened his own workshop and started branding his products as“Cerchio del Ghisallo”. Today, after nearly 60 years, Giovanni, with the help of his son Antonio, still makes his wooden rims, in the only way he knows, with his skilled hands of course. After meeting him, we can certainly say that he’s not even close to stop doing his lovely job, a workaholic almost 80 years old”.

“Located but a few metres away from the renowned “Our Lady of the Ghisallo” Sanctuary, we are an artisan workshop of old, utterly unique in our genre. Dedicated to the production of bicycle rims with a passion, we offer quite a range of rim and spoke hole sizes, as well as mudguards, chaincases and beechwood pack and carry racks”.

Wonderful. Full story can be found here.