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The bike in this picture belongs to Mark, the scene is something those of us who make a living on the streets of Manchester are all familiar with! Grey and wet. This was just the start today, it was only going to get worse…

And oh, how it did! As is usually the case when the rain comes down, work got steadily busier, as did the traffic. Making the end of the day very intense.

A very wet, dirty, fed up work bike at the last drop of the day, phew!

It wasn’t all doom & gloom though…

Meet my friend Tom. I’ve met some lovely people (and some not so lovely!) doing this job, but this guy is definitely at the top of the list. Tom’s been delivering bread, cakes and pastries to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops all over Manchester for years. Check J B Richardson

He is an absolute gem. I only get to chat to him for a few minutes at a time as our paths cross during the working day, but he never fails to put a smile on my face. If I could adopt him as a Grandad, I would. God bless him.