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This is just too much!!!

“Tornemo indrio (back to the roots)” is a 4 day workshop open to 15 participants where Dario Pegoretti will teach how to build bike frames using traditional Italian techniques.

The goal is to demonstrate how it is possible to handcraft a beautiful steel frame bike just using few simple tools such as a vice, a hacksaw, a ruler and a welding torch. The participants will be divided in teams of 3-4 people and each team will make their own bicycle under Dario’s supervision. This workshop is part of the OniricaLab project, an event-laboratory where all visitors can discover the desire of “making”, recovering old habits and customs, to develop their creativity. The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance of making culture in the developing of a critical consumption on the contemporary society.

On Saturday May the 12th, the results of the workshop will be exhibited during the opening day where there will be live concerts, dj sets, organic bars, various activities related to the bike world visitors and minilab where people can experiment creativity and hand crafting techniques.

This all just happens to take place around my birthday this year, what a present that would be. Fingers crossed?!!