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So, I said I was going to wait till my new, beefier front wheel was built before I fitted the new rack. I lied!

Like the big child I am, I couldn’t wait to get it mounted up and tested out. As with all good things that are simple and well made, it was super easy to fit and I was soon standing back and marvelling at it!

On the ride into work I didn’t really notice any difference in the handling of the bike. Obviously fitting anything to the front of your bike is going to add some weight, but the rack is so light it doesn’t seem to register too much.

The only adjustments to my riding I’ve needed to make is watching out for the bar swinging round when I’m locking up/unlocking, hence the rubber strip on the top tube.

Because of the simplicity of the design and the fittings provided it feels nice and solid, no rattles, no squeaks. As it turns out, I made the right descision to fit it last night. What was the first task of the day? A bag full and a box! all needing to go out ASAP. The rack is already paying for itself.

As a test, it went pretty well. The bungee cords are the only real negative point, they are definitely no good as they have way too much give in them. I picked up some rip-straps later on in the day and they should give a lot more support when I’m loaded up. As for the handling, it wasn’t too bad. I purposely left the bars a fair bit wider than I would usually have them to give me more leverage/control and am happy to say I think it was a wise move. The decision to change my front wheel is definitely the right one. Although the Ellipse didn’t seem to grumble too much with a load on it I think I’m going to prefer the peace of mind that my new wheel will give me (36hole low flange track hub laced 3X to a trusty Open Pro)

More to follow on this one, as it’s work in progress! Should have that new wheel by Friday and hopefully a few more box jobs to give me some practice.