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I got a parcel in the post today!

What’s in the box, I hear you ask? Well…

My CETMACARGO 5-Rail rack. I can’t get over how light this thing is!


I’ve been aware of CETMA for a long time and always thought the products they make look really well made and well thought out. Run by a lovely guy called Lane, it’s a one man operation where everything is made by hand. I could go on and on about the company and the products they have on offer but everything you need to know is covered perfectly on the website or blog.

Over the last few months at work there has been an increasing amount of box jobs, usually A4 boxes that, when I already have a full bag, I can’t take out! The company I work for has to pay external couriers, usually a van or motorbike, a rather expensive flat rate to take these jobs, hence the rack. Not only will I now be able to save my boss money but, I will be making myself that little bit more indispensable and versatile. I have a new, beefier front wheel being built up (Mavic Ellipse aren’t well known for their load bearing capabilities?!!) so when that’s done and the rack is fitted I’ll post up some pics and details.

To be continued…