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The body of work for James Straffon’s LE TOUR show is nearing completion. Taking place from the 28th June – 30 July at SNAP Galleries in London. If these teaser pic’s are anything to go by, the show will be very cool indeed!

“LE TOUR will feature many of the notable characters who have made the Tour de France what it is. My aim is to fuse the people with the place. And in keeping with the remit of devotional imagery, arrive at a suitable epitaph. The artwork will comprise two parts – a multi-panelled screen, fronted by a decoupage bike frame. It has been a long-term ambition – to apply my practice to a bike frame. And as with my shoe artworks, wrapping the history of one event around the objects which comprise its working parts seems to evoke some succinct form of poetic symmetry”.

I’m really hoping I can get myself organised enough to get down to London for this!?!