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It’s always exciting to get something posted through your letterbox that isn’t a bill, junk-mail or a take away menu! Look what came through mine today…

In my opinion, you’re never to old to be into stickers. There’s just something eternally cool about them.

I’ve been following the work of John ‘Prolly’ Watson for ages and thought it was about time I lent my support (albeit meager!!) to his cause. His site is THE place for all things cycling and a constant source of entertainment, inspiration and motivation (get out & ride). Doing a brilliant job of capturing the ever evolving bicycle culture around the world.

I’ve had this space on the work bike reserved for something special…

Bingo! Please excuse the dirty bike (this is the North of England you know!) I’ve just got to find new homes for the others now, I’m sure I’ll manage?!

Thanks John.

If you never have? visit prollyisnotprobably NOW!