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A lot like comic books, toys and collectibles, Hot Rod culture and vintage cars are a weakness of mine and I have to avoid them as much as possible as I have a pretty obsessive personality and a rabid collectors gene! However, I just couldn’t resist posting some pic’s from the Viva Las Vegas Custom Car Show that took place last weekend. In, you guessed it Las Vegas!

The annual event is held as part of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, the biggest event of its type in the world where fans celebrate music, fashion and motors from America’s golden era.

The Viva Las Vegas Car Show is the best car show of its type anywhere. Cars are strictly pre-63 and must be in a style from that era.

If you’re into Hot Rod culture in any way at all? This is definitely the place to be.

I’m off now to dig out my Ed Roth books and skirt dangerously close to rekindling an obsession!