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So it’s the eve of Paris Roubaix and I can’t wait for 1pm tomorrow when the coverage begins! I’ll be joined by my good friend Patrick who, although enthusiastic and knowledgeable enough to be a great companion on such occasions, should keep me from turning too geek!

There are many, many wonderful in depth previews about the race and everything that goes with it all over the web, so I won’t be giving an inferior one here. What I will do however, is direct you here Preview 2012 and here Depth! for my pick of the bunch.

Of all the pondering, interviews and previews that pop up at this time of year I am always fascinated by the tech reviews based on what the teams are riding, using, testing in order to make the riders as comfortable and the bikes as indestructible as possible. The team mechanics have to pull out all the stops and therefore have a way bigger job than at any other time in the season.

All the usual tricks are on display this year. Double taped bars, big tyres, alloy bottle cages and slightly tweaked frames. Above all else though, I love how the traditional hand built wheel still has a place in the Pro PelotonOf course, carbon wheels are getting stronger and more durable so you’ll see plenty of riders using them tomorrow but there is something special about the fact that good old fashioned box rims with tied & soldered spokes will be dusted off and given the chance to play!